about Press Play

our purpose is to connect people deeply through their shared musical tastes & experiences.

“I was never going to date someone I was musically incompatible with ever again.”

Tina Houser

Tina's Story

I spent several years of my life with someone who didn’t care for the music I loved and vice versa.


From that experience I learned that relationships can be much more difficult when partners/lovers aren’t on the same wavelength musically. For many years my love affair with music was on pause just to avoid an argument (can you imagine?). The lack of music in my life dulled all forms of my favorite entertainment; concerts, road trips, dancing, exercising, lounging, and yes.. even sex. The bottom line is, for me, without the connection that music can build between two people, without the ability to share, dance, serenade, or express myself through music, everything else wasn’t as exciting, intimate, or as meaningful as it could’ve been.


It wasn’t until the relationship dissolved that I realized how much of myself had been missing all those years. Turning my stereo back on and listening to all my favorite tunes again was like finding the fountain of youth, treasured memories, my identity, and a rainbow of emotions all streaming through my speakers, and it made me feel AMAZING!


Fast forward about a year, I was driving down the road, windows down, radio turned WAY up, singing along to my favorite songs (that’s right, thumb microphone and all). I was completely in the moment, happy and in love with life and it dawned on me, how awesome would this moment be if I could share this experience, this energy, THESE SONGS (the catalyst for the amazing vibe) with someone? It was in that instant that I decided, I would never again date someone I wasn’t musically compatible with. But how do I find that person?


So, I gathered a team of intelligent, like-minded, amazing people and we started planning what Press Play was going to look like, feel like, and what it would do for its users and one of the things we’ve discovered through this process is that music compatibility doesn’t just apply to dating. In fact, when just about anyone discovers that someone else shares the same love, emotion, or experience with the same song, band, genre, or album, they feel heard, understood, and an almost immediate connection. Eureka!


Today we are bringing all people together with Press Play, please join us. – Music Lovers Unite!

“today, we’re proud to connect all people more deeply with themselves, and with the world.”

Caitlin Alexander

THe Importance of Music

When I first started attending live music events and festivals, I found my people. Music builds community… we can track the role music has played in developing ancient cultures, teaching cooperation, and honoring the passage of time.

This is why I’m inspired to provide a platform to help people find each other and discover common ground through the most universal language of all – music. Because music is a supreme vehicle for expressing emotion, music is one of the best tools we have to share how we’re feeling through a screen… even better than emojis ¯\_(ツ)_/¯️️.

So we’re not stopping at dating app, and we’re not just hyping what’s trending. Today, we’re proud to connect all people more deeply with themselves, and with the world. And as we consider the importance of music and its impact on our own lives, we’re inspired to place the vitality of the industry first in every decision we make.

"Press Play creates a deeper, more meaningful, authentic, lasting, and instantly comfortable connection between two people"

Rich Taylor

our matching philosophy

What intrigues me the most about Press Play, is the unique way in which it connects people through music. Press Play is not just about matching people who like the same favorite songs, bands, artists, or genres.


It is really all about matching people who have shared life experiences and moments with the same music that has accompanied them. It is through this unique approach that Press Play creates a deeper, more meaningful, authentic, lasting, and instantly comfortable connection between two people. whether you are looking for love, dating, or just want to find a “music buddy” out there who not only loves the same music you do, but the same passion for it as well.

our team is comprised of music lovers - just like you.​

we’re a majority women-owned business supported by world-class experts in the music & tech industries.

Tina Houser

Founder & CEO
Favorite Genre: 80s hair bands
Plays: Piano, vocals
Music Fact: Karaoke
connoisseur / loves to dance

Rich Taylor

Founder & President
Favorite Genre: Classic Rock
Plays: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Music Fact: Been in
multiple bands over the years

Caitlin Alexander

Founder & CCO
Favorite Genres: Folk & EDM
Plays: Clarinet, Ukulele, Voice
Musical Fact: Live painter at
festivals & concerts nationally

Jim Gatwood

Founder & Cybersecurity
Favorite Genres: Electronic / House
Plays: Mix Table (Disc Jockey)
Music Fact: Professional DJ

Wes DeKoninck

Chief Technology Officer
Favorite Genres: Rock & Classical
Plays: Trumpet, Piano, Drums
Music fact: Listens to film scores to focus

The Advisors

Dennis Gillespie

MTV, Tribune, Sony/Liberty

Jay Cooper

Greenburg Traurig, LA Entertainment Practice.

Michael Garbutt

Notting Hill, Virgin Records, Stones, Bowie, Robin Gibb.

Peter Sloterdyk

Netflix, Grindr, Koala.

Harrison Long

eHarmony, Grindr, PuppySpot, J2 Global.

Special Thanks

  1. Rich Taylor
  2. Eugene Bonfiglio
  3. Mike & Mary Dwyer
  4. Peter Taylor
  5. Esther Smith
  6. Winfred Honaker
  7. Damien & Jamie Perry
  8. Cory B Clay
  9. Nick Henny
  10. Bryan Graham
  11. Emer Rosales
  12. Miles Funk