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answer questions that speak to who you are through the music that moves you.


questions range from your favorites, to your least favorites, and what you listen to depending on your mood or situation. then we ask you about the music that defines your life story… put it all together?


that’s your Songstorythe Soundtrack of Your Life.

find your songmate.

meet the people that vibe with you & your songstory.


answer a lot of questions or just a few – but the more you answer, the more chances you have of finding your match. you may find someone to go to concerts with, someone to date, or just discover the people who get you.


gone are the days of swiping on a face and a blurb – now you can truly feel someone with the music that tells their story.

deepen your connection.

it’s a fact – talking about yourself is hard, talking about music is easy! we’ve gone the extra mile and combined the two so conversations flow easily from personal tastes to shared interests and life experiences.


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send musical messages

share music directly in chat as single songs or craft custom, private playlists to send to your match.

advanced match filtering

find your people with additional filters such as age, location, gender, what they’re looking for and more!

souped up songstories

share a backstory along with each answer & add dates to form a visual, musical timeline of your life.


discover the top answers to every single Songstory question across city, state, or the whole application.

musician profiles

follow your favorite artists to learn their Songstories, get updates & see what you have in common.

soundtrack of now

input two or more users & the mood or situation to generate a station for everyone, every moment.