Community Guidelines

These guidelines, alongside our terms of service represent the ONLY acceptable use of Press Play the app and all other platforms we own or operate. We encourage active reporting of anything you see while enjoying Press Play that doesn’t align to the standards expressed below.

Thank you for reading this, and for joining the movement.

Press Play has one clear mission: To unite music lovers.

That may sound simple, but there’s a lot within this calling. Our duty and purpose is to foster a safe environment of inclusion & inspiration – for all people, all genres. These guidelines are crucial to growing a community that is a positive force in the world. Through following these guidelines, you help us ensure Press Play is a place of social common ground – where people come to connect more deeply with themselves, the music they love, and each other.

Expect updates: Please note that this is a living policy that applies both internally and externally here at Press Play. We will continue to use feedback from the community and experts in the field to refine and strengthen them.

Please do:

Ultimately, we’re inviting our users to share personal experiences, triumphs, failures, precious moments, and tough times. Music is emotional & intimate. Sharing your story can feel vulnerable. This is the most fertile soil for authentic, lasting connection. With deep respect for all who share their Songstories, we recognize the importance of maintaining a welcoming, accepting, and protected environment so that everyone may feel safe to be their true selves.

Definitely don’t:

For those that do anyway:

We take reports very seriously. At the first report of abuse our team will conduct as thorough an investigation as is within our power. All user-generated content on any Press Play platform that fails to adhere to these guidelines and our TOS will be deleted immediately and the offending user may be issued a warning or be permanently deleted. Press Play reserves the right to determine the severity of the offense and the rightful action to be taken.

For honest mistakes and learning opportunities, we may allow up to 3 minor infractions before your account will be permanently banned. This should give us ample time to reiterate acceptable behavior and clarify if needed.

Reporting Abuse:

At this time, the best way to report abuse on ANY Press Play platform is to send a message to In the future we will have multiple ways to report abuse within our app as well. Rest assured we do read and will respond to every message.